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Pest Control Mesa, AZ

Looking for the best exterminator Mesa has to offer? Rise Pest Control offers high-quality pest control services in the Mesa area. Our goal is to help you maintain low pest activity during all times of the year. Our technicians are experienced professionals ready to solve your worst pest problems. Many people in the Mesa area one time or another (and sometimes very frequently) have need for a mice exterminator, treatment for ants, and wasp nest removal. At Rise Pest Control, we offer each of these pest control services and more! With our strategy, resources, and equipment we will confidently take care of your pest problems year-round no matter the season. Our products are engineered to be long-lasting and resistant against rain, snow, and harsh sunshine.

During every service, professionally trained technicians will first, use a long dust-treated brush to remove spider webs, wasp nests, or other pest issues from accessible areas outside the home. Then, for the first layer of defense against pests, granules will be sprayed all around the outside of your home. Even in high moisture areas and plant areas. Next, a liquid guard is sprayed around the house, creating a 6-foot barrier to act as the second layer of defense against pests. Our technicians will be able to assess your unique situation, but we usually recommend receiving treatment every three months to keep pests away for good. 

Our process and products are great because once the liquid treatment is dry, you do not need to avoid the treated areas. You will have regular access to your home and can safely go about your regular activities. Our liquid treatment is resilient and long-lasting, allowing us to secure your home from pests during all four seasons. 

You won’t regret putting your trust in Rise Pest Control Mesa. We look forward to serving you!

Rodent Exterminator Near Me

There is absolutely nothing worse than walking into the kitchen ready to relax and make a sandwich only to come across a rodent scurrying across the floor. After a gasp of frustration or a squeak of surprise, you know you need to call the mice exterminator and solve this problem quickly. Surprised or not, mice extermination is a popular pest control service for many people in the Mesa area. Unfortunately, over time humans have allowed rodents to spread to many remote places around the world, allowing them to adapt to almost every habitat from cold tundra to hot deserts. No matter what the environment or season, our technicians at Rise Pest Control are professionally trained to take care of all your rodent extermination needs. Don’t wait any longer! Make that call to Rise Pest Control, the “best pest control near me”, and be on your way to getting rid of those unwelcome pests today!

Ant Pest Control

Among the much smaller and possibly less frightening pests are ants. Though tiny in size, these pests can cause a plethora of issues inside or outside your home. Like rodents, ants are another pest that make our services so popular in Mesa. From Pavement Ants, to Carpenter Ants, to Odorous House Ants, we take care of them all. Removing your ant problem as quickly as possible is necessary because the longer you let them stay, the larger their colonies grow, and the more grief they cause you. Don’t let ants take over your home! Make an appointment for an inspection with Rise Pest Control Mesa and get rid of them today!

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Common Pests

We know about pests, you can too. Visit our Pest Library for more information n the habits and habitats of some of the most commons pests.

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